DEAD FATHER ‘There were days when he called me….’ Drini Zeqo NETWORKS the web with photos!

For several years,Drini Zeqo’s father is no longer alive.

He passed away quite suddenly, due to illness, so much so that he could not leave his sons the messages and bequests he wanted.

One of Drin’s best companions and friends throughout his journey, including that of television, but he didn’t tell him to enjoy his son’s successes even longer and one day, to be happy for his children as well.

Drini has spoken about his father in interviews from time to time, his voice trembling. But recently he shared a photo on InstaStory, from his grave.

“I came to meet a life partner… There were days when he called me. Without a father, no joy is the same, but mothers make us strong”, writes Drini.

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