Do you snore at night? Ylli Merja shares the secrets of a night of peaceful sleep and zero snoring. Here is the ideal treatment through medicinal plants

In the column “Plants and Health” on the show “Rreze Dielli” on Report TV, the specialist in medicinal plants Ylli Merja, focused on the problems caused by snoring, not only in the psychological aspect of couples but also in the health aspect.

Snoring is a sound created by the vibration of the tissues of the nose or throat during breathing when the person is sleeping. About half of people snore at some point in their lives.

When asked how snoring happens, specialist Merja answered: The nasal mucosa often dries up, the cavity closes, the lungs are not filled with air and the person wants to open the mouth as well. Meanwhile, the tongue inside begins to vibrate and snoring occurs.

Some of the causes that affect snoring are: viral diseases, deformation of the nasal septum, obesity and narrowing of the pharynx due to the deposition of fat in the neck, respiratory tract allergies, alcohol or smoking, as well as the presence of parasites in the body can lead us to loud snoring at night.

Snoring may be harmless, but when it affects the quality of sleep, it can cause quite a few health problems. Mornings with headaches, sleepiness, lack of concentration during the day due to lack of oxygen to the brain, hypertension, chest pain are just some of its consequences, while when it is accompanied by apnea (stopping breathing for a few seconds), it can be also a risk factor for heart disease.

Other negative effects according to specialist Merja are lung fatigue, the “nocturia” phenomenon, going to urinate at night, obesity and neck fat.

To stop snoring, the popular doctor Ylli Merja gave these tips:

  • 10-12 days of steam for the sinuses
  • We put 2 drops of sinumer oil in the nose before going to bed and drink 3-4 drops of sinumer oil at dinner. Or put 2 drops of laurel oil in your nose and drink 2-3 drops of this oil
  • Helichrysum oil and lavender drink 2-3 drops a day
  • Blueberry tea or Slim tea
  • Treatment for parasites
  • Teas with plants such as laurel, eucalyptus, black mallow, chamomile, peppermint.

NOTE: Each patient has his own characteristics, so in cases of serious illnesses, you should always consult with doctors. This article cannot be used to suggest a cure for any person.

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