Flatulence, Ylli Merja: These medicinal plants work wonders

A concern that is often created in the body is bloating of the intestines. The specialist in medicinal plants, Ylli Merja, says that these problems appear when the intestines are filled with air.

According to him, the cause is the rash of the large and small intestines and the presence of parasites. Taking into consideration specific cases depending on the age, Merja clarifies that in children who are breastfed, care should be taken that the small babies do not open their mouths too much while drinking milk, as this would prevent the entry of excess air into the digestive system. To calm the pains and seizures caused by bloating in babies, light mint tea is used.

Another cause of intestinal irritation in children is the lack of uniform digestion, which creates gaps in the intestines. Djozma is a very good solution when prepared as a light tea, and mint also inhibits vomiting in other cases.

Taking the “intestinal cramp”, as he labels it, links it to consequences that are reflected in the serotonin that is produced in this part of the digestive system.

Lambia, the presence of parasites requires special attention as the consequences are very sensitive. To soothe the pains from bloating due to lambia and associated with severe colic, we use podica root or wild pomegranate, garlic and milk.

“To fatten the large intestine, we use the herb Colitis. Avoid colon rashes. If we use it for a month and a half, it has an effect,” says Merja, while listing another group of people who suffer from bloating.

People who have a bad smell in the mouth or whose stomach is also strong, this is related to the increase of parasites in the intestines or they should check the food they eat. He also informs that doubts about a strong stomach are due to the lack of sufficient hydrochloric acid.

He further discovers that even in women with hormonal disorders, the uterus becomes cramped and the entire abdomen becomes irritated. A good connoisseur of plants, Merja singles out sage as the best “friend” of women.

In addition to these categories, he adds that when we have intestinal redness, without going as far as ulcers, this creates problems with defecation. Constipation prevents stool by depositing faeces in the intestines which turn toxic, and diarrhea does not give the intestines the right time for the absorbent hairs to receive the nutritional values.

Serotonin begins to be toxic and the body needs to heal and renew itself. “Mint tea calms the nervous movements of the stomach by calming the nerve fibers,” adds Merja

We throw 1-2 spoons into the children’s favorite dish or bee herb, accompanying it with sedum flowers, and these take away the pain.” Asked by Kolka what are the foods we should avoid, Merja says that the food products we eat should be observed to see which ones create consequences. As for digestion, it requires regular defecation so that there are no residues for a long time in the intestines.

Merja also clarifies that not all swollen intestines are related to lactose intolerance and that if they are left untreated from the beginning, this leads to serious diseases.

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