How to distinguish natural honey from industrial honey? Ylli Merja reveals the 3 simple tests in a few seconds

Medicinal plant specialist Ylli Merja showed the ‘secret’ of how to understand whether honey is natural or artificial by performing some quality tests.

“Let’s take some honey that we can also buy on the street, open the jar, take some honey and put it on the nail, if the drop of honey we put on the nail remains unopened, it is natural honey. If it is industrial honey, it opens immediately, it does not stay.

If we have a jar with us and put some honey and close the jar and wait, if the honey is original, natural, it will not come out of the jar, this is another indicator that can be realized,” he said. .

“Another test is: We take a spoonful of honey and heat it in petrogas. If it is natural honey, it boils, forms bubbles and does not emit black smoke, also after cooling it retains the same color

Some of the mistakes we make are not getting all the nutritional value of honey even when it is natural.

“We have to digest the honey before consuming it in order to get the most of it. If we take honey and put it in hot tea, then this is a big mistake, we only take a little of the enzymes we should take, the maximum temperature that should be milk or tea is 40 degrees Celsius” explained the popular doctor Ylli Merja in the show ” Ray of the Sun”.

The popular doctor Ylli Merja also advised that the ideal duration of honey in a jar is two years, after which there is a good chance that it will lose its value and form mold.

“If the honey is preserved in jars, its shelf life is more than two years, but what should we keep in mind, during its prolonged stay, fungal processes can develop inside it, there are molds that love this sweetness .

There are some indicators that make us understand if honey should not be consumed anymore, if we put it in the mouth it presses the teeth and they are as if glued, this honey is good. If I get over it and it gives me a slight burning sensation, the honey is good.

If his bouquet fills my mouth like a floral scent, it’s good. If the cake melts easily, it is good. If the honey that I buy spreads when I put it in my hand, it makes my mouth very sweet, it stays in my mouth for a long time, the honey dries very easily in my hand, it washes off very quickly,” he said.

While he also showed the two different periods in which honey takes on different colors and aromas according to the season.

“It is divided into two periods, the first part is spring and summer, the honey is fragrant from the flowers and the more autumn we go towards the monoflowers, but it is more nutritious and long-lived, the percentage of the star affects here, the closer we get to the autumn, the percentage of water sit down” he further explained.

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