How to fight tromposes, the secret that lies in the kitchen

The alternative doctor Ylli Merja was invited this Monday morning to

“Abc of the morning” where he talked about thrombosis and the “allies” that help fight it.

Among other things, he said that the flower of Elbasan and the thorn of the donkey, but also whey are the two best “friends” of the liver.

“The first ones are garlic and onions. Not only do they make the organization more combative, they free the airways, but inside they have sulfur salts that are suffocating for these viruses that enter the lungs and it is impossible for them to live and reproduce.

It makes the leukocytes and lymphocytes produced by the tonsils more combative.

A glass of wine a day is very good for blood thinning.

Linseed oil, recommended up to two spoons a day.

In this oil we find omega 3, where the 3 components are in the highest percentage.

It very well improves liver function, calms the nervous system.

In addition, it affects the work of the heart, preventing arrhythmias, calms the nervous system, the heart and the lungs, and achieves a general relaxation of the organization and helps to clean these wastes. he expressed. /

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