I bought a package of pasta. Look what the citizen from Durres found inside

Now more and more we are noticing that food security in our country leaves much to be desired.

Recently, we have heard examples from restaurants, but there are also many cases that we see at home

The next case comes from a citizen of Durrës who was going to cook pasta for her family for dinner, but was stunned when she saw what was inside. She opened the package and saw the macaroni full of flies and small worms.

The lady says that she bought the pasta in the market, but thankfully she did not eat it and saw what was inside the package at the time.

Black flies and worms have come out of the boiling water and they are easily visible in the video.

In the next package, once again, the maggots that have been occupied by worms are visible.

We wish to sensitize the relevant authorities that control the quality of food that Albanians consume, which moreover they buy with money, they don’t get it for free.

What are you going through in our country? Do we pay taxes and buy damaged goods? Again and again, the prices increase and we don’t talk, we buy without complaining and we work while being robbed./shiko.news

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