If you have a conflict or disagreement, close it this week, as… Weekly horoscope September 25 – October 1 by astrologer Jorgo Pulla

According to astrologer Jorgo Pulla, it seems that the last week of September is an important week where attention, effort and work are required!

The week begins with a trine of Jupiter with Mercury, which will affect all the signs making us optimistic, bring us very good prospects for new agreements, proposals, recognition, also an important gift will be offered to us in matters work and career.

The greatest benefits and favoring in this influence will be the sign of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

While on Tuesday we have the Moon in Aquarius, where the biggest focus will be work, giving us a very good opportunity to stabilize any problems we may have regarding it.

On September 28, it seems that the Moon in the sign of Pisces requires some attention, it will be a “foggy” day.

Be careful in negotiations! On Friday, September 29, we have this month’s Full Moon, which will affect developments related to legal issues and spiritual relationships.

It will be a time where the turmoil of the past will be remembered… If you have problems with the law, conflicting problems at work or society, try to solve them this week, as the influences especially after Friday will be favorable in this direction .

This period is very important, as you have the opportunity to close major issues.

Astrologer Jorgo Pulla further focused on the detailed forecast for the 12 zodiac signs for the last week of September.

For you Aries sign, it is a very positive moment in terms of this very important week for you. You have great things about the economy, about the big changes you will have from now on, as you have all the possibilities for stabilization. But you have to be careful, because in relation to work it may not be what you expected. It is the right time to make some business meetings. It’s the perfect time to solve the problems you have! It is the best, most positive moment ever to close old conflicts. The biggest focus of the week for you is the economy, you will have some financial changes which today may not be very important, but tomorrow they will take on a different meaning… By the middle of the week you may receive an offer… For those who are in diapsores, some forgotten documents should be taken care of, since the moment has come when you can close an important documentation issue. In spiritual matters, be careful not to rush!


Taurus is always one step ahead in important matters. The bull of the 10th of the first day has great favors in the economy. Try to manage your time as well as possible! It is an important week in decision-making, it is an important week where why not, a new acquaintance can change many things… it is also a good week in important meetings in the business field. Although you have had some problems in the documentation that you have not had the opportunity to solve, act, as it seems that now is the right time! During this week, you may receive a document that will make you very happy. It is a good time of stabilization and continuity, the best moment to close any problem. You are perfect in what you do, you are perfect in what you want to accomplish, right now is the right moment for the things you want to do. You start the week well, new deals, proposals, new acquaintances… You will pay little attention if you intend to move from one place to another. Do not rush, carefully weigh every step you take!


Time has shown that you are more fortunate on the economic side. Now is the time for you to benefit in economic-financial matters. Beware of a purchase! By taking a loan, you Gemini of the 10th day of the first day, it seems that you will have the opportunity to solve things that have not been resolved before in the investments that you will make, which are investments for the future and you will get a lot of money In this aspect. It is a period with very favorable influences on your work, career, decisions and changes that you will have from now on, are positive and favorable changes. There is no need to worry if something doesn’t happen or it doesn’t happen the way you thought it would. It is a very good period where everything will go into its ‘own place’, so you don’t have to worry. It’s a good week for you in all areas! For those who are outside it is a very good moment for making a decision about the current job, or a change to a new job.

The crab

For Cancers, the Moon in Aquarius gives opportunities and helps you to solve previously unsolved problems. You will become the subject of conversation in a family matter, it could be a building permit, it could be a contract or document not received… be careful, it could be a turbulent week in this regard. Beware of legal issues! You have to knock on the right door, as the time and moment is very good to act, but it requires your wit and discretion. Don’t rush! T

getting with the right people, with important people can change a lot of things for you! You have every opportunity to develop your goals and objectives. In the field of work and career, you have the opportunity to achieve something very big with success. While on the spiritual side you are very guilty, you need someone to listen to you… don’t neglect your partner/ren or your family!


They start the week with changes, with surprises Leos, the triangle of Mercury with Jupiter affects optimism, new agreements. You have a very big opportunity from an economic-financial issue where you will negotiate the contract you will make, the middle of the week is more positive. Considering the economy, big decisions you will make, we can say that the last week of the month will be very profitable for the future. It can be said with full conviction that this is the best week for you this month. This period is very good with excellent results in your work, it is a moment when you really know where you want to go and achieve it. Lucky you though, the key to success is that you are clear with yourself and what you want to do. The possibility of a change in the field of work is not excluded, which will be in your favor. While for Leos who are in the diaspora they have a very favorable influence on purchases, it is a very good moment for investments, whether small or large.


It seems that Virgo has the opportunity for big changes in the economy. A very positive moment related to an issue abroad, they will receive a document where the joy is indescribable, taking into account the economic and financial side, taking into account the right time and moment for stabilization, for work, for career , is a very good opportunity in solving everything that belongs to you. If you keep this direction, you will reach the top, from the simple worker to the entrepreneur. You have many chances this week! Don’t waste a moment, act and you will win, make the most of this week! Planetary positioning will be in your favor! Wednesday will be a very good day to make important meetings and conversations. In spiritual matters you are very lucky, you are devoted in your relationships and there is no room for any worries.


Libras have very good chances this week. They start the week with many opportunities, especially in business matters where they will receive a very important offer. It is also your moment to make a sale, you can make it successfully on Friday. On September 29, you have the full moon of the month in your sign that will make you achieve what you want, you have the opportunity to stabilize the economic and financial side, you have the opportunity to make some very important meetings. It’s time, it’s the ideal moment to start something big and stabilize everything you want. In matters related to foreign travel, a document is likely to be received by the end of this week. Regarding several successive changes in your work is a very good opportunity, because everything is accomplished, everything is achieved thanks to your success and ingenuity in the field of career, in the field of changes even though you may have had work problems that take solution right now. In spiritual matters, beware of quarrels that can occur without sense.


As for Scorpios, many things can change in the field of economy, they can change in the field of love… You have all the possibilities regarding work, career, regarding big changes that you will have from now on . Since the week begins auspiciously in what you want to do, in what you intend to accomplish and it is precisely this moment, the moment of continuity and love, of respect, reciprocity in terms of career, because you were born for a career and you are very focused on this aspect. Although you may have had some problems, but which are just transitory. This week you will be very busy with your current work, you have important decisions to make, which will greatly affect the future. Be careful in spiritual matters! If you have a documentation issue or an open legal matter, try to close it this week, as the influences are very positive.


We can say that Sagittarians have the rock and the nut in their hand, because now the moment has come in terms of work, in terms of the decisions you make, they are historic decisions related to your career. Those of you who are abroad in Europe, if you intend to move from one country to another, either it’s done this week or it’s never done. It is such a good and positive moment with favorable planetary influences. The time and moment when phenomena occur is important. You will have the opportunity during this week to achieve great things in the field of your career. It is the ideal time for economic-financial stabilization, you actually don’t have any

r and you don’t have to have economic problems, since you know where you want to go, your goals in this direction are always clear. The economy is your main focus. In spiritual matters, pay attention to your relationship, beware of sudden changes!


The weak point, or what they are waiting to realize is the economy, its stabilization. In terms of making an important decision, you can. Although this week is very intense for you, it is an offensive week, it is a golden week for all signs but at the appointed time. This Monday at the beginning of the week will be very important, if you take a paper and a pencil and write down the things your goals where you want to reach, it will be half the work. Start this week thinking seriously about where you want to be! It is a time of quite positive influences regarding the changes you will make from now on, as you are under the influence of a rare trine that Mercury makes with Jupiter. It is a week where what you start will have perspective. Capricorns of the 10th of the second day have the opportunity to receive an important proposal. Something big is about to happen for Capricorns! In spiritual matters you have the possibility of stabilization in your favor, as you wish. From midweek you have the possibility of an important meeting.


Aquarians will focus on the economy this period. In relation to the economy, it is a very good opportunity now for everything to go well, everything will be realized according to your wish and your ideal moment is right now. Regarding some trips or documentation that you want to do, now is a very special time, especially for family reunions. During this week it is good to close pending matters, even though they may not have much urgency it is good to close them this week, as the influences are very favorable to make things easier. It is a week where coincidences or meetings with important people will not be missing. It is a very good opportunity now in terms of career and economy, but on the other hand, try to resolve a conflict or a misunderstanding, as you have every possibility of stabilizing and recovering interpersonal relationships.


You have all the opportunity in relation to work, in relation to career, in relation to big changes that you will have from now on… they are favorable economic-financial changes. New doors open for your work and career, you have all the opportunities to see what you will do. On Wednesday you have the Moon in your sign, it helps you a lot and the biggest impact has to do with the financial side where you will resolve an impasse you had some time ago. It is the ideal moment to focus on the economic side, on continuity, because you have had some problems, for which the time has come to resolve old conflicts with different people in your work. For those of you who are not in a stable job and are looking, you have many chances to get a positive answer this week. It is a very good week in the field of work and documentation. In the spiritual realm, a problem or a dilemma seems to be clarified and resolved this week.


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