Is your child suffering from infections or anemic? The popular doctor Ylli Merja shows what you should give him

The popular doctor Ylli Merja has told today about some of the diseases that most often affect children and the cure that comes from medicinal plants. In an interview on the “Rreze Dielli” show, Merja said that at a young age children usually suffer from stomach and intestinal bloating and according to him, parents can find the solution for this in the popular teas chamomile, mendra and shtogu:

“Let us take the flatulence of the stomach and bowels, nothing else settles it faster than soft mender. Let’s take those gases that remain in the intestines, chamomile or soft mint, put it in the children’s throat and it solves a very big problem, children’s stomach cramps.

I say to mothers, for example. The walnut kernels have a sheet inside that separates them from their kernels, we have tried it with great success in children who have flatulence, intestinal cramps, but also those who have a constant cough. The use of walnut shells, plantain leaves, sturgeon flowers, agulis, which is truly an Albanian pearl, I say that they are important plants for cleaning the cough and lungs,” he advised.

While emphasizing the syrup that is created through the fruit of the stogo, which is an antiviral that helps cure tonsils.

“Inflammation of the tonsils in some areas was soothed by using the syrup of the fruit of the storga. This is a wonderful antiviral and antibacterial. In addition, if we are also dealing with bloating and fever and sweating with difficulty, I advise the flower of the path, which is a wonderful product,” he said.

For children suffering from urinary burning brought to attention the cure with stone fern tea:

There are many children who create calcium oxalates, have burning urine, and the herbal medicine is a tea with stone fern, the children not only calms the cough but cleans his entire urinary system with two to three cups of coffee a day when he is I small or up to three cups when the child is more than 5 years old.

The popular doctor, Ylli Merja, advised all mothers to cure their children’s anemia through a plant that is found on the shores of our sea and that has great benefits in the body for many other diseases:

“For anemic children, a special dyeing alkania plant grows on the shores of our sea. It can be used since women’s lipsticks are extracted from this root, it is a plant that brings with it the power of the sea to fight diseases. So there is a lot of iodine, children who have iron deficiency can use it because it has a high presence of iron.

We must emphasize this to all mothers, the iron and Iodine that this plant has are easily oxidizable by oxygen. They should immediately put it in yogurt and consume it, prepare 100 ml of tea with a teaspoon of this black plant, strain it and we drink” he said.

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