Meet the “magical” plant that cures every paralysis, Ylli Merja: But be very careful…


The popular doctor Ylli Merja in the show “Rreze Dielli”, showed the ways in which we can be rehabilitated after various operations and paralysis through medicinal plants. But what causes the different paralysis that occurs in the human body:

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“Paralyses have a common denominator, damage to the corneal membrane of the brain. This damage can be either from a mechanical shock or it can be from a cerebral hemorrhage or from an inflammation of the brain as well as physical, mechanical damage to the spine,” he explained.

Facial paralysis is the most common that occurs in the population, but the popular doctor Ylli Merja says that it can be cured through lavender oil.

“The oil of immortality is called, which is drunk and massaged this part of the ear because there is a nerve that can cause us to contract and this helichrysum flower performs a miracle, it not only nourishes the nerves but also reawakens and releases them ” he said.

The popular doctor Ylli Merja pointed out that the miraculous plant that has proven to be very successful in curing and improving people suffering from various paralysis is the Turkish berry, a plant that can be toxic if used in larger quantities than recommended. therefore he advises the user to be careful in its consumption:

We must give organic acids that have properties to melt these fibrin plaques and thrombi. We have tested the miraculous effects of Turkish blackberry. It contains this complex of vitamins, contains some organic acids, is not used for more than a month and should not be used for more than 6 grains. We take 6 grains and put them in hot water at dinner” said the popular doctor Ylli Merja.

After the Turkish berry, the best folk remedies for curing paralysis according to the alternative doctor are the bitter-tasting fruits:

“Then we will go to fruits that have a sharp taste, wild pomegranate performs this function and another regenerates damaged areas of the nervous system that have not received food and oxygen for a long time. Wild apple or forest fruits, thanks to the organic acids they have, should also be used to treat this disease. Likewise, we will take the wild blueberry as well as the hawthorn plant,” he further emphasized.

While he emphasized that in addition to the teas that the person will consume, he must nourish and regenerate the muscles and nerves with Helicriusium oil.

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