“Mosquitoes bite the most intelligent people”, Ylli Merja shows the plant that keeps them away

Summer is amazing, long days, warm nights but also many “uninvited guests” like mosquitoes. But is there a way to avoid them and escape from unwanted bites?

Medicinal plant specialist Ylli Merja showed in “Rreze Dielli” several ways to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all.

First of all, says Merja, mosquito bites, in addition to being annoying, can transmit and infect different viruses, in the event that a mosquito has bitten a person with hepatitis, there is a possibility that if it bites another individual, it will infect him.

The oregano plant is one of the best plants to help repel mosquitoes and other insects, as the irritating aroma of oregano leaves paralyzes the olfactory instinct of insects.

Thymol and carnaval present in oregano help to remove mosquitoes and flies from the environment. Also, tomato branches are very effective in repelling mosquitoes. While another way, says Merja, is to burn calendula and eucalyptus flowers in a small vase, the smoke they emit removes all mosquitoes from the environment.

This is a perfect solution for beach houses. Another very efficient way, especially for children, is to prepare a cream with calendula. We cook the calendula flower well with a little olive oil, it becomes a red oil, we can also add a little beeswax and after it cools down with this mixture we can paint the exposed parts especially during the evenings on the seashore and it is guaranteed – emphasizes Merja, that mosquitoes will not approach you.

To the moderator’s question, do mosquitoes choose who they bite? Merja answers: It is said that mosquitoes have a predisposition to bite the most intelligent people and pregnant women, but so far there is no study on this.

Merja also tells about the traps that can be set up for mosquitoes to keep them away from our houses “We can take plastic bottles and open two small windows in them just below the cork with a pair of scissors, with a diameter of about 2 cm. Bottle some beer or wine that is left as well as about 150 ml of apple cider vinegar, as mosquitoes like the pungent smell of vinegar and are attracted to it. We hang these bottles in the backyard next to a tree, on the balcony or porch.”

At the end of the conversation, Ylli Merja showed how to act in case of a mosquito bite, press the place a little so that the poisonous protein comes out and apply propolis with oregano. Another way to stop the action and deactivate the reaction is advised to apply eucalyptus oil, thyme, laurel oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil. These oils are also very good to prevent mosquito bites by putting 2 drops of oil in a cream, with which we apply the exposed parts of the body.

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