Mother or daughter-in-law, which comes first? Luizi tells if he would make a choice and dispels doubts, finds out if Kiara Tito is pregnant

Singer Luiz Ejlli and his partner, Kiara Tito, continue to be in the center of attention even after leaving Big Brother Vip 2, where the great curiosity of those who follow is when the pair will become parents.

Apparently, Luizi has decided to talk about this question that is often asked, where through a video on ‘Instagram’, the singer from Turkey has put an end to the hints that Kiara is pregnant.

Even though news has been circulating for days that Kiara could be pregnant, after a photo where she looked with a round belly, Luizi has denied this rumor.

“We don’t have a pregnancy test here, but she didn’t show any signs, like vomiting and stuff, Kiara is not pregnant” – said Luizi.

Luiz also answered the question of who comes first between Kiara and her mother.

Luizi said that she is a mother because of those who have passed together, but she also gives her life for Kiara.

“The question should be asked like this: ‘When you are sad, do you say, O Kiara, I died, or O, mother, I died.’ Of course it’s the mother. Now I have not gone through as many things with Kiara, as many sacrifices as I have seen with my mother. Each has its place. I love Kiara too, I give my life for her,” Luizi said.

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