“Mother or Kiara come first?” Here is Luiz’s answer

Luizi and Kiara Tito are enjoying their holidays after a busy season for both of them, as they have been quite active on social networks sharing bits of their memories.

Meanwhile, today the singer answered some questions from his followers in a “live” video on “Instagram”.

One question has been whether the mother or the daughter-in-law comes first. Luizi said that she is a mother because of those who have passed together, but she also gives her life for Kiara.

“The question should be asked like this: ‘When you are sad, do you say, O Kiara, I died, or O, mother, I died.’ Of course it’s the mother. Now I have not gone through as many things with Kiara, as many sacrifices as I have seen with my mother. Each has its place. I love Kiara too, I give my life for her,” Luizi said.

We remind you that Luizi and Kiara were part of BBV2 where the singer was declared the winner of this edition.

Both characters met for the first time inside the most famous house in Albania, where they also created their love relationship, which they are enjoying even after leaving the format.

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