“Pipe” pin for Kiara? Efi “puts a lid” on the story with the residents of “BBV” (VIDEO)

Efi Dhedhes put an end to hints that her non-posting with ‘vape’ was a sign for Kiara Tito. For “Holidays on top”, the former resident of “Big Brother VIP Albania” said that there is no reason why she should throw pins at other people.

‘This is a very terrible thing, that’s why I say that this is the reason why I don’t go to interviews. People have not understood that I now have a life, my life no longer belongs to anyone and has no stake.

In fact, I still had work issues despite being hired for something else. The idea is here, in the period that I was in, as far as I know, the period when I was called with some kind of epithet’

She adds that the chapter of “BBV” is closed, and that she wants to get attention for other things and not for such actions.

‘He is my epithet, that’s it, there is none. Jokes aside I have closed that chapter. I don’t have to throw pins, I don’t want to draw attention to this thing anymore, I took it when it was time. At this point in my life, I want to focus on other things’.

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