Poisoning or virus – How to recognize stomach upsets

Do they fall into the same category?

The similarity in symptoms requires people to be more attentive to their body’s calls for help.

What Are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning?
Food poisoning means that the body is trying to expel viruses, bacteria or harmful substances from a food that a person has consumed.

Food poisoning is caused by the following viruses or bacteria:

Norovirus found in contaminated water, raw produce and oysters.
E-coli, which together with salmonella are obtained from meat, milk, egg yolk, meat, poultry and others.
Food poisoning can happen very easily and manifests itself with these symptoms:

Abdominal pain and cramps,
What Are the Symptoms of Stomach Viruses?
First, it is very important that readers of AgroËeb.org understand that stomach viruses are not the same as the flu.

The latter is contagious and causes:

muscle pain,
Respiratory problems.
Stomach viruses on the other hand occur when a virus causes an infection in the stomach.

Norovirus, which we mentioned above, is the main cause of these infections.

It causes as many as 21 million stomach infections a year.

This means that stomach viruses can be classified as food poisoning.

Symptoms of stomach viruses according to experts are:

Stomach ache,
muscle pain,
High temperature.
Stomach viruses are acquired when a person touches food or something else infected with a virus.

How to understand if you suffer from poisoning or viruses?
If you have the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should focus on the duration of the symptoms.

Stomach infection usually appears one to three days after exposure and lasts one or two days.

In the case of poisoning, it appears six hours after eating a contaminated food and depending on the situation, it can last several hours or several days.

When Should You Go to the Doctor?
Experts say you should see a doctor if:

You have vomiting that has lasted all day.
You have bleeding in the stool,
You have severe abdominal pain,
Diarrhea lasts more than 3 days,
You are dehydrated,
You have a high temperature,
You have blurred vision and muscle weakness.

Source: AgroWeb.org

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