Popular doctor Ylli Merja: 2 unique recipes to cure arthritis and hernias

Rheumatoid arthritis and hernias are two of the most common problems that occur with age. There are many causes, but medication treatment is not always effective. The popular doctor Ylli Merja tells the magazine “Shije” what is the best treatment you can do for the problems of rheumatoid arthritis, hernias and osteoporosis, as a combination of teas with medicinal plants, essential oils and mustard seeds.


According to him, the causes that affect rheumatoid arthritis, or polyarthritis, are two: First is the poor functioning of the blood circulation, which has its own causes, such as the thickness of the blood, the increase in cholesterol, or even the deposition of uric acid in the joints , which appears with pain, swelling and drying of fluids.

“The synovial fluid that is between the joints, between the cartilages, from the weight from the years from fatigue, from pressure, begins to leave and the bones come so close that they also rub against each other and give severe pain.

Having studied well, this pathological defect in the organism, we managed to avoid these problems by using some teas”, says Merja. According to him, the treatment consists of a prescription that is prescribed with the combination of some medicinal plants and the use of some oils in a second prescription. “In our principle we are guided by the motto: the principle makes the power.

We do not use only one plant, but knowing the approximate properties of medicinal plants, we have composed this tea, which firstly reduces elevated uric acid, which also causes kidney problems, and secondly brings about a good functioning of the blood circulation. in arteries and veins.
Third, where blood circulates freely, nutrients and oxygen also go. We think that the solution to the problem of rheumatoid arthritis is visible within a very short period of time”, says Merja.


Users of this recipe, according to Meres, really feel the fruits of a well-achieved research work, only in two days. “It is better than any other pharmaceutical drug. I would advise using a tea that is composed.
It contains anti-cholesterol tea, some anti-rheumatism leaves, heartburn leaf, nettle leaf, red mountain clover flower and horsetail leaf. And the second is the use of a vegetable oil that we have called oil for arthritis and hernia”, says the popular doctor.

This essential oil and teas are mainly obtained from mustard seeds, by extracting the leaves of pine, laurel, fir and so on.

Tea recipe

The tea should be used 3 times a day, boiling in 2 liters of water, a mixture of 5-6 tablespoons of cholesterol tea, a handful of nettles, a few nettle leaves, a handful of horsetail leaves and some juniper, or wild rose. “These are used in individual dependence for each user.
If there is obesity, we add some birch leaves to this mixture, if there are problems with voltage fluctuations, then we add more cholesterol tea, if there is a heart arrhythmia that is also accompanied by difficulty in walking, then we also add other plants”. – says Merja.

According to him, it would be very successful to talk with the patient and the medical examinations he may have done. “If we have a graph for the bones, it is good to know where the biggest problem of synovial fluid drying is, if we have blood tests, we can see if there is elevated uric acid or cholesterol.

The conversation with the patient is exactly like having a suit sewn according to the size of your body”, he says.

Differences between genders

In general, women have greater bone porosity. “We add clover to this tea when it comes to mineral salts to strengthen the bone, or we add almond oil and hazelnut, to strengthen the bone, while for men we add something else to give it more manly strength, we add nettle roots and nettle leaves, while we can give a woman nettle seeds, or we can add doses of red clover, to strengthen the bone, especially in the femur head, when this bone becomes very porous,” he explains. Mary.

Even, seeing graffiti, especially in people who are older, be careful in those points of the bone, so as not to damage it and break it. “This treatment has given results, together with a proper nutritional diet. We have prepared a food for breakfast with almonds, rye or even the above teas and we have noticed that after 4-5 months, some patients who were on the border of osteopery, have climbed to the normal range. Or they came from the limit of osteoporosis to the normal limit of the bone, which can be seen by comparing the two bone graphs”, says Merja.

Treatment with mustard

For some people who may not be able to find this treatment, there is another alternative according to the popular doctor, which can serve to relieve pain. “If they are from the area of Klos, or Burrel and they do not have the opportunity to get these products, they, under home conditions!

they take black mustard seed, which burns if you crush it with your teeth, and make a paste to apply to different areas. It also grows in the area of Lushnja among wheat, and in the area of Burrel. You can press it a little to make it like flour.

Brush the part of the body that hurts with a little olive oil and throw in the mustard flour.
Leave it for 2-3 hours and immediately it has its effect. Then remove it and you can see the traces it has left”, says Merja. Thus, by eliminating medications that often give side effects, these problems of rheumatoid arthritis, hernias or osteoporosis can be cured, simply by combining some medicinal plants or even essential oils, for a more natural health treatment.

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