Prostate, how can we prevent its enlargement with age. Medicinal plant specialist Ylli Merja: Here are the most effective herbal remedies

Prostate, how can we prevent its enlargement with age. With the specialist Ylli Merja, we also talk about the most common prostate diseases, how they can be treated through herbal remedies.

In the section “Plants and Health” in the show “Rreze Dielli” on Report TV with the specialist in medicinal plants Ylli Merja, we focused on one of the most common problems faced by men after the age of 45.

Prostate, how can we prevent its enlargement with age. With specialist Merja, we also talk about the most common prostate diseases, how they can be treated with herbal remedies.

The prostate is a hormonal gland with internal secretion, which has several important functions in the body. This walnut-shaped gland is located below the bladder and surrounds the ureter.

The function of the prostate is to produce a fluid, which contains citric acid, calcium and enzymes, it can improve sperm motility and fertility.

In addition, the fluid secreted by the prostate contains zinc, which according to studies protects the genital system from infections. It also helps for the normal functioning of the urinary system.

With age, the prostate gland tends to enlarge. Prostate enlargement is a pathology that is often encountered in men, 1 in 3 men over the age of 50 have symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The causes of prostate development are still unclear, according to specialist Merja, genetic inheritance does not always affect it, but a sedentary life, sitting on a hard seat, sitting for a long time on a bicycle, using alcoholic and carbonated drinks, constipation and rectal infection are a negative influence. , stress.

Some of the first signs of the prostate according to Ylli Merja are: burning during urination, pain in the lower part of the urinary tract and further with the enlargement of the prostate the signs are more evident: frequent urination more at night, urgency to urinate, urination with interruptions and with difficulty, complete failure to empty the urinary bladder, decreased pressure during urination, traces of blood in the urine.

The specialist of medicinal plants Ylli Merja says that in Albania many plants are known which come to help in the efficient treatment of prostate problems such as: donkey’s thorn, thistle, nettle, wild rose, heather. But first, care must be taken in the food regimen by eliminating proteins of animal origin which should occupy 25% and plant-based foods should occupy 75% of our regimen.

Flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, wild almonds, wild apples should be consumed as much as possible. These seeds, about 2-3 spoons can be consumed with a little yogurt, but not with milk. Also, natural products such as legumes, cabbage, broccoli, chicory, radishes, chickpeas, mashurka, nettles are very good.

As for the teas that specialist Merja recommends for improving urination and reducing the prostate, they are: donkey thorn seeds, thistle seeds, heather flower seeds, which directly affect blood and liver purification, making the body fight against cancer cells.

Black and red juniper is very good against burning and urinary infections, also combined with gorica leaves and bark inhibits frequent urination. Sweet wormwood, nettles, cherry tails prepared as tea also help to cleanse the urinary system.

For people suffering from prostate enlargement, Ylli Merja suggested a food regimen that turns into a lifestyle by consuming in the morning: yogurt with oats, flax seeds, ground wild almonds, 1 lch of donkey’s thorn or thistle seeds. While at lunch, you can eat cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, peas, beans, peas, radishes, etc., and during the day you can eat 2 cups of tea with the seeds of thistle, thistle seeds, heather flower seeds.

NOTE: Each patient has his own characteristics, so in cases of serious illnesses, you should always consult with doctors. This article cannot be used to suggest a cure for any person.

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