Specialist Ylli Merja in Report TV: The large intestine is the ‘second brain’, one of the main causes of nervous diseases, here’s how to cure it with medicinal plants

In this Monday’s show in the “Plant and health” column on “Rreze Dielli”, the popular doctor Ylli Merja talked about the causes that lead us to diseases that include mental health, where the colon is among the main causes.

He stated that these are the forms that can help further improve mental health:

  • Detailed analysis of daily activity to determine the direction of counseling

-Advice on how to manage problems and support services

-Tactful interventions to manage the crisis

  • Psychotherapy for increasing mental health

-Careful coordination and monitoring for mental health rehabilitation

As he explained that the large intestine is the “second brain” of the human body. Since its proper dysfunction leads to many other problems related to mental health:

Infections or parasites in the large intestine do not allow the supply of the right elements to the brain. We need to remove the parasites in the intestines once, the most powerful is garlic, fenugreek, pumpkin oil. It is important to keep the good bacteria in the body at good levels. We can do this by using mint, oregano in the dish, tea with grape bark, lulebasami, bishtamithi,” he said.

The herbal treatments suggested by the popular doctor Ylli Merja that help with these problems:

  • Herbal teas that improve blood circulation. (Blueberry, hawthorn, white mistletoe, wild apple, columbia, wild pomegranate)
  • Teas that harmonize stimulation and inhibition (milca, basil, laurel, catnip (nepeta cataria)
  • Herbs that refresh the brain: wild pomegranate, saffron, pumpkin, flax, walnuts,

Nutrition also plays an important role in mental health problems, for this reason specialist Ylli Merja advised the following foods that must be consumed:

‘Salmon and fermented foods, fruits (nuts) and green vegetables, chickpeas, cinnamon, olive oil, green tea’

While he also suggested a nourishing tea for the brain that you can prepare at home:

In a glass of milk, boil for two minutes a tablespoon of cranberry, a piece of cinnamon and a spoonful of lavender or bee grass. Drain it after it cools and put it in the glass and a teaspoon of honey.

NOTE: Each patient has his own characteristics, so in case of serious diseases you should always consult with the doctors. This article cannot be used to suggest a cure for any person.

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