The ‘magical’ effects of garlic, specialist Ylli Merja: Rich in vitamin C, strengthens immunity

Garlic is a herb that is widely used in cooking. But besides the good taste it gives to cooking, it is considered a natural medicine for many diseases. In an interview on the show “Rreze Dielli” in the section “Plants and health”, the popular doctor Ylli Merja showed how the ingredients of garlic work in the body:

“Germanium acts as an anti-carcinogenic agent, selenium strengthens the work of vitamin C. The ingredients of garlic in the liver act as an incentive for the removal of fats with a very low specific weight, thus reducing triglycerides.

By reducing triglycerides, garlic affects the increase of fibrinolytics in the blood against blood clotting. It lowers high blood pressure, sugar, soothes insect bites and dispels alcohol,” said the popular doctor.

It can be used in a number of treatments where the main ones are:

It helps cure acne on the face and head, black moles, noises and earaches, lowers high blood pressure and normalizes blood circulation and fights varicose veins. Against cough, cold and fever as well as against irritated tonsils. It fights parasites in the head and cleans the colon from polyps.

But how many doses should we use during the day:

“For adults, the daily dose is 2-3 cloves of garlic per day, while for children, 1 clove is sufficient,” advised plant specialist Ylli Merja. People suffering from low blood pressure should take garlic very carefully, 1 clove in the morning is enough. , 1 core in the afternoon.

While he advised to be careful with the amount of use of garlic, as it contains arsenic and its use in large quantities can poison the body.

“You can become ill because in a very small dose, garlic contains arsenic in its interior, which is toxic, and if we take a large amount, it becomes a poisonous dose. In this case you will have heartburn and headache”

NOTE: Each patient has his own characteristics, so in cases of serious illnesses, you should always consult with doctors. This article cannot be used to suggest a cure for any person.

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