The mother left 7 children and built another family, the daughter after 38 years: For us you remain an icon

In “There’s a Message for You”, Luli went to take away a hostage from her mother, Sadete. From the story told in the column from “E Diela Shqiptare” on TV Klan, the parents divorced when Luli was 8 years old and Sadetja left the 7 children at her husband’s house.

Sadetja started another family but went every week to see the children because she kept her head behind. When her ex-husband was passing away, she stood by him, thanked him and was grateful to him for raising their children.

38 years have passed since then. Luli has become the mother of two daughters and lives in England, but she knows very well how much that separation weighs on Sadetja. The mother’s hostage brought her to the other side of the screen to tell her that she never judged her, and even understood Sadete’s reasons.

Luli: I’m here to give you a message that I think you’ve been holding onto for many years. A little while ago, Arditi asked you what worries you have left and you told him what usually has consequences later on. You told him that you wanted communication with your husband, love, to spend your life. I understand because you didn’t have that and that’s where your first thought came to.

When you ran away, I was little and I understand very well that you were worried about the fact that you ran away, but you left your head behind because these are mothers, that’s how mothers are. Ma, I want to tell you, not me, because when I come here I am and I represent the sisters and brothers and I speak for them too, I want to tell you not to worry that you ran away and left us with the father that you I know very well that he took very good care of us.

Being a mother makes me understand you better spiritually. You have fulfilled all that we needed, with your great love, with your sweet words, with your advice, with the education you have given us, and I want to tell you that for us, you are, you have been and you will remain an icon in our eyes, just as our father remains our hero.

Ma, you are one of the examples that I would say should be followed on how there should be good communication even when a couple divorces. Ma, I have never felt you far away, you have always been with me as God has been with me because you always told us that if you feel alone, just say a prayer and you will find a way because there is a God above who cares you as a parent.

Ma, when people compliment me for the girl, for the woman that I am, for the wife, for the mother that I am, I immediately think of you and say thank you for what you have given us, for everything you have taught us.

That was my message to you ma because I feel that you have it inside you and I want to get it out, I just want to get that worry out. I want to see your eyes that always shine but without having that dot in the center of your eyes or in your soul. I love you so much, we love you so much and I can’t wait to meet you.

Sadete: Your mother was waiting for her death, but to come to the “E Diela Shqiptare” studio, you were blessed with luck, life, and health. You rejuvenated me, you healed me and I am a parent, I am a mother like all mothers and a mother has a duty. During life, what happens to the mother, the words she said “go away but leave your head behind”. I really ran away, I took my legs, my soul and heart were there. When the week came, the mother would go to the children.

The soul, the blood of the heart that you drank in your mother’s womb and you grew up as much as I could, I educated you as a mother, as a family, parental responsibility, was looking for you. Halal, your mother makes you live like mountains in this life and in the next!

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