This week will be difficult and challenging for these three horoscope signs

This is a challenge for those who need to understand life and what we want from it.

We will be tested and while we may be afraid of

the idea of having to endure something that challenges us, stepping out of our comfort zone is often a positive thing.

From September 25 to October 1, important challenges and conflicts arise in love and business.

For three signs, personal life will affect professional life and illness will make it difficult. There may be some personal turmoil, such as separation, and these may be in their ability to focus and work without distraction.


This gives you a week to review your goals, since they didn’t happen the way you wanted and you have to do something about it, it will hold. You’re not one to complain all the time, but the Moon opposite Venus seems to add quite a bit of drama to your romantic life.

You may think everything is going well, but your partner has a different opinion. However, changes in mentality are possible and you may begin to understand that while you feel active and in good condition at every opportunity, your partner is hindering you.


What starts out as a pretty good week will quickly turn into a demanding personal situation. Your romantic life demands more of your time. These days you will find that, for some reason, your partner feels neglected, so you will want more, and this is what you counted on not happening, as you have many “other” plans in your mind . Your partner’s behavior irritates you and in the end there will be fights for meaningless reasons.


The Full Moon in Aries this week gives you confidence that your dreams are about to come true. So, since you’re starting the week on a negative note, you’re going to feel drained by the idea of the people in your life – work at work being so negative. Can’t one be happy even for a little while? At work you feel like you are running out of energy. What angers you most is the negative energy of others too much in your positive energy, which becomes stronger, thanks to the Moon in Aries. So you will do your best to overcome everything, but the “forces of nature” that surround you will constantly test your length.

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