When is a mole dangerous? Ylli Merja explains the treatment with plants

Moles and sunlight do not go well together. The dangerous moles we need to worry about are the ones that stay silent and increase their volume. The specialist in medicinal plants, Ylli Merja, says that a scalpel should not be used on these moles, as the cells that may remain there become even more aggressive.

Invited by moderator Androniki Kolka to “Vila 24” on TV “News24”, Merja said that we should check the skin often to see if something is wrong with the color of the moles or their volume.

Through photo examples, he distinguished different moles while saying that formations of moles that grow on the skin and are supplied with blood through the connection with the lymph, are dangerous, but not untreatable. According to Merja, they are smeared with garlic juice, being wrinkled and destroyed from the roots.

“This treatment is made with garlic and garlic vinegar, then with wild almonds. The mass begins to gather if we drip fig milk or other dairy plants that have organic nitrogen,” says Merja, who shows concrete cases that have managed to permanently remove mushroom-shaped moles from the body, even on the scalp.

“Burning with plant matter was applied every five days until complete disappearance. The process lasted no more than 1 month and there is no risk of it forming again. We have atrophied the leg of the mushroom,” he says about the therapy applied to a patient.

Mary assures that after consulting her, we can treat a mole by ourselves at home by dripping milk from the milk thistle plant. Another variant of the treatment is made by pressing a garlic core and a finely ground almond.

It will burn and ache in the beginning, as proof that it has started to work. To protect the cells around, we place a paper napkin. It is left for 10-15 minutes and then the skin is smeared with sage cream to shrink it even further.

Merja draws attention to be protected from the sun when we have skin problems and to be careful not to use a scalpel as it further irritates the cells hidden in the skin.

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