“When you leave the studio, you run away if I ask you…”/ What happened between the moderator and Efi on Top Channel

Efi was the next guest on the show “Albania Live” today on Top Channel where she talked about her life after the Big Brother VIP show.

She showed with whom she maintained her relationship after the end of the game in the most famous house in Albania.

“To be honest, I had two closest people back home, Luiz and Kiara, but we haven’t spoken to either of them since the end of the game.

I wanted to completely shut down the voices about Big Brother and that’s why I went to live in France.

However, I continue my relationship with Ronaldo and, of course, my friend Mikaela.”

Moderator Erjona Rusi: She said that you had known her together with her new boyfriend

Efi: Yes, I like these shoes

Moderator: What about yourself?

Efi: I’m fine…I told you don’t ask me about my private life

Moderator: Don’t be one of those who get up and run away from the studio

Efi: Ikaa (laughs)

We remind you that Efi was one of the contestants of BBV Albania 2, the most followed, the most commented on, the most liked by the public. At the beginning of this experience, Efi was a little withdrawn from all the residents, but as the days went by, she continued to get closer and closer. was known more by the public.

Efi was very liked by the public for her closeness with Kiara and Luiz, undoubtedly two of the protagonists of that format among the most liked and the winning singer of that format.

Today in Shqiperia Live, Efi spoke a lot, she said that she was also offered a role in Luiz and Olte’s film, which premiered on October 9 at the Palace of Congresses, but according to her, it was a very small role and for this reason she had not accepted it had nothing to do with Olte or Luiz because for him work is work.

She was asked by the moderator of the show if she would go to see the premiere of this film and she said that she had not received any invitation so far and if she received an invitation she would go with pleasure but if she bought a ticket she would not go. Now we are curious who will invite Luizi or Olta, with whom she has broken relations

Efi also talked about her job offers on television, but so far nothing had convinced her, the only project she is waiting for is that of Lori Kafe, which was promised inside the house of BBV Albania.

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