Why should you keep lavender at home? Specialist Ylli Merja shows the benefits for stress, brain and anxiety

Lavender is a plant from which a rich essential oil is obtained, it is quite popular as it has great beauty and fragrant flowers. But above all, there are enormous benefits in the body, according to specialist Ylli Merja, for brain relaxation, stress and anxiety:

“We have a good nerve feeder that makes even the tired brain enter another world, a world of relaxation. Everyone can keep a bunch of lavender flowers or lavender essential oil near the bed to drink and it is a very good sleep aid. For this, lavender tea would be wonderful, and if we added lavender oil, the values would double,” advised Ylli Merja.

Among the other benefits that lavender has is the improvement it gives to the skin, the disappearance of acne and the absorption of fat. Various masks can be made with it. It also helps with urinary infections.

“Propolis with oregano and lavender essential oil will make us have a soft and childlike face and pimples will be eliminated in 15 days. Everyone can use lavender oil not only for pimples but for all urinary infections.

The recipe I recommend is one teaspoon of honey, two spoons of coffee grounds and 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 12 drops of propolis, mix it and put it on the face. This mask stays on for 20 minutes and we will notice that it has given its effect,” he said.

Based on these results, it’s possible that enjoying a relaxing cup of lavender tea before bed can help you sleep better.

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