Ylli Merja: 45-day herbal cure that cures colitis and cleanses the colon

Colitis and problems with the large intestine are among the most popular diseases in recent times. In an interview on the show “Rreze Dielli”, the folk doctor Ylli Merja showed the causes that lead you to this disease, where he emphasized that a sedentary life plays a big role, but also anxiety and stress.

Here are the triggers that can lead to colitis according to herbalist Ylli Merja:

Bacterial infections that spread from contaminated food or water, parasites in the intestine create redness of the mucous membrane in the intestine, mold in the body, frequent pharmaceutical medications, the nervous and immune system, sedentary life, dry foods, heredity, etc., he said.

While he also explained the main signs that tell you that you may suffer from colitis or colon irritation:

These signs are continuous and may even become daily. The signs are the stool begins to take on a coloration with oars of blood. Acute or chronic abdominal pain. Increased gas with bad smell, constipation or diarrhea, food sampling, bloating, anemia, loss of appetite,” he said.

In addition to the signs that you can understand yourself, it is advisable to analyze them in the laboratory to see the aggravation of the disease. The folk doctor advised these laboratory tests

Laboratory analyses

Complete blood (increased leukocytes)

Faeces occult blood (Blood in stools)

Parasites in feces


Among other things, he emphasized the cure of this disease through medicinal plants, which according to him can be achieved in a period of 45 days.

About a month and a half we need to regenerate the large intestine and the irritated intestine. Grapefruit bark is very good to use in tea.

Bishtamith flower is great as it has vitamin k and closes wounds, and within two days no more reddened poo. We can add a little redwood if it’s constipated, a little oregano if we have diarrhea.

This is the cure that a person should drink every day, three glasses a day. Then the banan flower oil can be taken two teaspoons one in the morning and one in the evening to regulate a cycle and the enzymes I mentioned earlier. After bread you can use propolis with oregano.

According to specialist Ylli Merja, if the cure is applied accurately for at least one and a half months, it will completely cure colitis.

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