Ylli Merja advises people over 40 years old: For cholesterol, a spoonful of this ingredient at lunch is enough

Cholesterol is a type of fat, necessary for the functioning of the body that is produced by two-thirds of the liver and from nutrition. But its production to a greater extent in the body causes various health problems. The popular doctor Ylli Merja shares the advice that every person suffering from high cholesterol needs, how to cure it through medicinal plants.

As I explain that in the body we have two types of cholesterol that in popular language we describe as good and bad.

“Fat particles that perform several functions in the body. First, it participates in the construction of the cell structure, gives the cells strength and elasticity. If we keep these within normal values, then the body works chronologically in a synchronized manner. There is no problem.

If this balance begins to break, without question, diseases will also occur. Bad cholesterol is called so because its function is to take fat and bring it to the tissues to be burned, and if it is not burned, it is not destroyed, it turns into water and energy, then good cholesterol does the opposite, it takes this undigested fat and takes it to the liver to burn it and then it will take it out,” he said.

Among other things, the medicinal plant specialist gave these tips to increase good cholesterol in the body using only medicinal plants.

“Physical exercises that increase blood circulation that the little good cholesterol that is circulates many times and takes that fat that is left on the periphery and digests, garlic can be consumed twice a day sober, grape seeds to put in food and linseed oil”.

He emphasized the importance of tests for people over 40 years old, while he explained the signs that show us that the health problems we may have are due to high cholesterol in the blood.

All men over the age of 40 should have a blood test, all women over the age of 45 should have their cholesterol checked.

“If we have black legs or black capillaries, a bruise, we have a warning that we have cardiac insufficiency due to poor blood circulation. Also, anyone who feels a tightness in the chest, a burning sensation in the chest, without a doubt should go to the doctor and do an echo of the heart, and change the food diet,” he explained to Report TV.

High blood cholesterol leads to a number of problems, including an impact on high blood pressure. In addition to medicinal herbs that help lower cholesterol, he also suggested herbs that help lower blood pressure.

“We can say that the wild apple, which contains a lot of malic acid, and if we use it as a tea, we will benefit from a refreshing of the arteries, we will start to strengthen the heart muscles. They should consume 1 tablespoon of vinegar in their lunch.

If we have high blood pressure that comes suddenly, we should immediately take 5-6 liters of hot water and put our feet in it, a tea with lemon and two cloves of garlic and the blood pressure will decrease immediately, we can take some put hot pepper under the tongue, because it expands the blood vessels.

We can use a glass of hibiscus tea, the petals of this red rose are wonderful for reducing tension instantly. A tablespoon of garlic vinegar in a glass of water will have a wonderful result in reducing tension instantly,” advised the popular doctor.

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