Ylli Merja: Hair loss, causes and treatment with medicinal plants

Hair loss is a normal phenomenon and generally occurs during the change of seasons, especially in autumn. Some of the causes that weaken hair are stress, smoking, poor nutrition, pregnancy, or taking various medications.

The hair growth cycle is divided into several different phases and is different from the hair growth cycle on other parts of the body. The first phase of hair growth is the exit from the follicle (the root of the thread) to the surface and its growth, a period that lasts up to 7 years.

After this cycle, another strand begins to emerge in this follicle and thus prompts the first strand to begin to break off and fall out, producing a new strand.

This is a normal process that happens every day in every human being. Like any other process in the body, hair growth depends on a chain mechanism. If these mechanisms are out of balance, then the hair starts to fall out and new ones do not grow. There are many factors that affect the breakdown of this mechanism of creating new hair.

The way you eat is very important and if you’ve ever been on a diet, or if there’s been a period where you haven’t eaten for a long time, or you haven’t eaten all your meals, your hair starts to weaken. So, they no longer have the proper hardness, elasticity and thickness, while they start to fall especially in the upper part of the head in bulk.


Hormonal disorders are among the main factors that affect hair loss, especially problems with the thyroid glands. During puberty, pregnancy or menopause with major hormonal disorders, there is hair loss, but after these periods pass, the hair begins to grow normally.

In most cases, during these periods, there is no need for medication to restore the hair to normal. In very rare cases that hair loss is on the entire surface of the head, then it can be a hormonal disorder, or a genetic problem, where all the vitamins, minerals and hormones in the body should be checked.

Skin infections or diseases also cause hair loss, but only in localized areas. This is a problem that can be easily cured, even at home.

Skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis also affect hair loss because they cause skin irritation. There is no cure for these types of diseases, but you can use emollient creams to keep the scalp under control and thus hair growth will not be affected. Stress disrupts many mechanisms in the body, and one of them is the hair growth process.

The best thing in this case to achieve a balance in the whole organism would be to try to reduce the stress level by not consuming coffee or caffeine products, taking a walk in the fresh air, and you can consume tea with chamomile and rosemary. In this situation, you do not need to use any kind of medication for hair loss, since the cause of the loss is not external, but internal, and by removing the cause of the loss, you can restore the hair to its desired state.

Healing with medicinal plants
The main cure is used in all cases of hair loss. When individuals have hormonal disorders other supplements are made and for this all their analyzes must be seen and a complex cure is used. To help strengthen the hair root, anti-hair loss tea is used, which contains nettle leaves and roots, rosemary, horsetail, etc.

This tea nourishes the hair root and helps new hair grow. After shampooing your hair normally, rinse with tea, not plain water. The tea remains throughout the hair, affecting its formation all the time.

Hair is washed a maximum of 2 times a week, as frequent washing affects hair loss (removes bacteria and “good” fat that is in the hair, weakening it as a whole and its root). If you cannot find time to prepare tea, you can use the extract of this tea, which has the same ingredients, spraying your hair 3-4 times a week.

This extract has no fragrance or color, dries instantly, also helps control oiliness in the hair. Also, 1 tablespoon of wild almond oil is added to 600ml of shampoo. Shampoos contain parabens, dyes, fragrances, all of which stay at the root of the hair and damage it.

Almond oil has the effect of reducing the effect of these ingredients, and helps to wash them out of the hair as quickly as possible. Also, it contains a lot of vitamin E that nourishes and softens the hair. The tea is accompanied by a hair mask containing garlic and onion extract, horsetail extract, lavender oil, coconut, rosemary.

All these make all the infections on the scalp go away, as well as nourish and strengthen the hair root. If you have problems with scalp irritation due to psoriasis or eczema, it is recommended to use the mask continuously as it does not allow any wound or irritation to appear on the skin, as well as normalizes the pH of the skin. /Gsh.al/

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