Ylli Merja: How to cure arthritis in a week

Arthritis is a problem that usually appears with age, but it can sometimes affect children as well. All diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, menisci, lumbar pain problems, disc herniation, more or less have the same nature.

Basically they are just an allergic infection that affects the synovial membranes. These membranes are like bags that hold the synovial fluid, and the latter is located between the bones and joints, and does not allow them to rub and wear each other.

This allergic inflammation that occurs in the joints affects different ages, starting from the ages of 20-30. Initially, these bacteria remain in a passive state, but become active when they are deposited in the red marrow of the bones and cause pain in the joints.

Forms of the disease

The most popular forms are some where we can mention Shafarad Stilid, which appears at the age of 3-7 years, as a result of a frequent disease in the tonsils or kidneys. These pains become so bothersome that children can reach the point where they cannot move.

Another form is chronic arthritis that progresses progressively in the human body and the pain comes escalating. Whereas, polyarthritis is another type of arthritis that starts moving in different parts of the body, so it is also called “walking” arthritis where the pain at different times is localized in different parts.

There are other forms such as gonoarthrosis, which occurs when the synovial fluid begins to dry in the kneecaps, and staphylococci are deposited here. In cases where the patient has a pronounced lack of fluids, this is often accompanied by bone cracking.

Another form is uric arthritis, which is directly related to the high amount of uric acid in the body.

Causes and symptoms

In cases where you are careless in the treatment of tonsils, the lymph glands begin to get irritated and produce T lymphocytes which multiply in number and the body produces antibodies against the rheumatoid factor that has multiplied. These staphylococci that move from the tonsils go to the kidneys and then enter the bloodstream.

If a body is not functioning in a synchronized manner, including the endocrine glands and other organs, it is more prone to be affected by these external stimuli, including these bacteria that cause the disease of arthritis.

Over time, the first concerns begin, which are accompanied by a feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, fever, knee and bone pain, as well as lack of appetite. These signs appear when staphylococci enter the blood and begin to become active, multiply and spread in the body.

The second stage of this progressive disease is that if it is not cured, it progresses in an escalating manner. During this moment, we have symmetrical spread in both limbs, and it starts to give pain, weakens the blood circulation vessels and thins them. The latter, with the change in atmospheric pressure, become fragile and the decrease in pressure causes the capillaries to burst, which gives the patient a lot of pain.


A patient who verifies that he has some of the above-mentioned symptoms can perform several diagnostics such as rheumatoid factor, fibrinogen, C-reactive protein and uric acid. When the uric acid is high, then the patient has high deposits of calcium in the bones, which causes bone deformation that appears mostly in the toes and fingers.

We know that arthritis also damages the heart, so we added herbs that protect the heart to the healing tea compositions. We do not use only one plant, but knowing the approximate properties of medicinal plants, we have composed this tea, which reduces elevated uric acid, which also causes problems in the kidneys, as well as bringing about a good functioning of the blood circulation in the arteries and vein.

Where blood circulates freely, nutrients and oxygen also flow. Patients should drink a glass of herbal tea with each meal.

The composition of this tea includes plants that protect the heart. Willow bark is another treatment used for patients as it thins the blood.

Mustard oil is also a very good preparation that promotes blood circulation and helps cure arthritis. The solution to the problem of rheumatoid arthritis is visible within a very short period of time, i.e. within a week.

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