Ylli Merja: How to fight heart diseases with medicinal plants

The number of patients affected by heart diseases is increasing progressively and even in many cases lasts for years. One of the main factors that affects the occurrence of heart diseases is the excessive consumption of foods containing cholesterol, and this leads to a blockage of the arteries by cholesterol plaques.

This situation will continue to bring various problems to the heart, and as a result, the outer layer of the heart, its two layers will sometimes start to fill with water, due to various infectious causes that this organ may have.

If the person understands it, if he foresees it, he can go to the doctor, showing in detail the symptoms and clinical signs that have caused this concern.

If a person has anorexia, body tearing, a blockage and narrowing of the chest, a difficulty in breathing, difficulty in walking long distances; then the person is dealing with a pericarditis.

The heart layer performs two main functions: it covers the heart and contains some fibers that do not allow the heart to become infected (along with the branches of the aorta and veins). In cases where liquid (internal water) is added between the membrane of the heart and the pericardium, a further difficulty is created because the heart seems to work in water. In addition, other problems begin to appear there. When the heart valves are filled with cholesterol plaques, they don’t work well.

In all those cases when the patient is diagnosed through an electrocardiogram, the amplitude and distance from one heartbeat to another are not the same. The patient in these situations should understand that he has problems with arrhythmia. For the cure of this disease, avocado seed is very good to use, as well as lycops leaf or flower.

There are cases when heart arrhythmia is also caused by a stomach disorder, that is, a person who has excessive acidity, burps; it happens that the food hits the roof of the stomach and creates nervous disturbances. These movements of the stomach excite the lower part of the heart and this sometimes starts giving arrhythmia.

Therefore, the identification of the causes should be done well so that the patient can provide a solution to the situation as soon as possible. Heart infections can also cause blood pressure disorders where sometimes it can decrease and in other cases it can increase, especially when the arteries are blocked. To normalize high blood pressure, chili pepper can be used, which has a substance that has the property of dilating blood vessels. Consuming chili peppers protects us from myocardial infarction.

Even if we put our feet inside a container of water, at a temperature of 40-45 degrees, then the tension will decrease immediately. While just a spoonful of coffee with saffron is enough to normalize the tension, or a grain of salt under the tongue against low tension.

Treatment with medicinal plants
Plants with great curative value such as birch, juniper, hawthorn grow in our country, which are known as the best fighters against this disease. But birch, known in scientific language as betulae folium, manages to remove water from the heart thanks to the powerful ingredients it carries, creating a great relief in the work of this organ. After drinking birch tea, the sick person’s heart is able to work rhythmically and without becoming infected.

Whereas if we will see other problems, not only difficulty in breathing and narrowing of the chest, but also numbness of the left arm, then the patient should go to the doctor and be properly diagnosed. So, the burning of the chest, the blockage and the tendency to stay bent forward, are clear signs of an inflammation of the myocardium, and in these cases the heart muscle is affected.

Thus, the layer of the heart begins to suffer narrowing of blood vessels. The coronary artery begins to become blocked and narrowed due to a cholesterol plaque or clotted blood, as a result of which the blood either circulates with difficulty or does not circulate at all. If the patient is not cured, then the heart can gradually stop functioning, which can also cause a heart attack. People should be very careful with excessive consumption of fats and cholesterol.

All plants containing organic acids should be used to dissolve cholesterol plaques. Hawthorn contains triterpenic acid in its composition, which has the ability to melt these fatty plaques. Sick patients can also use green tea, which gives satisfactory results as it contains not only antioxidants that help minimize cholesterol.

Meanwhile, even the wild apple, which grows in many areas of our country, has the wonderful ability to fight diseases, as it serves as an antioxidant and cleanser. You can consume all the above-mentioned plants in the form of warm tea. When the disease is caught in the initial stages, the patient consumes tea prepared with these plants, the arteries begin to relax and resume working more than normal. Even good apple or grape vinegar can be used to unblock arteries.

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