Ylli Merja: How to get rid of stress, anxiety and depression

Man, being a biological being, reacts to external stimuli, sounds, noises, but also to social relations.

And so all those irritants that affect the central nervous system and change its activity, giving it a lateral deviation from the general line, are included in the stress group.

The moment there is boredom, it starts to cause stress.

But even a phone ring if we hear it often, it will bore us and create stress, because man wants to react against what he hears.

These irritants that disturb the central or peripheral nervous system then become dominant and cause the nervous and endocrine system to not work calmly and normally, but to work anxiously, upset, stressed.

That all these burdens bring fatigue and manifest in anxiety, distance from oneself and at the same time the organism begins to carry these emotional burdens.

Also, all endocrine glands begin to work poorly. In these cases, the person, affected by stress, gets into that vicious circle that will also affect the liver, pancreas, thyroid, spleen, pituitary gland and so on.

In these cases, the individual begins to withdraw from himself, begins to be stressed, restless and even demonstrates cases of fear. But also from the physiological side, we create a high level of cholesterol, narrowing of the carotids and an insufficiency of the nervous system to feed it with blood and oxygen.

Meanwhile, the brain will ask for food, and the heart is unable to send it, since the blood has thickened due to various factors and the body itself starts to become nervous. This is a second physiological stress created by man himself without knowing it, but which greatly affects the perversion of the nervous system. After that, insomnia and memory loss appear.


People affected by stress can drink one or two cups of tea a day with bee grass to get a more restful sleep. Furthermore, they must perform the necessary diagnostics at the doctors.

Meanwhile, anxiety is nothing but fear, and somewhere those balances of the brain chips have been broken. If rose or hawthorn tea is consumed, immediate positive effects on the body will be noticed.

If people will be able to plant the lavender plant in their homes, then they will see that the stress level will decrease.

The flesh-colored clover plant grows at an altitude of 800-1500 meters above sea level.

The moment this clover mixes with tobacco, it manages to disgust the cigarette and leads to the final abandonment of this habit. This plant has a miraculous magic, and after mixing it with tobacco, it can be consumed in the same way as a cigarette, in a 1:1 ratio.

As for people whose lungs are excessively burdened by smoking, we advise to add a little sage to the mixture or zamburica. All three of these plants together manage to create the idea that you are full of tobacco.

The flesh-colored clover in this case serves as a balancer and inhibitor of the satiety hormone, so that the latter does not exert its effect on the blood.

This whole process comes by thinning the cigarettes that the individual smokes, not as an immediate interruption, from two packs it thins to 30, 20, 15 cigarettes and so on. Physiological effects are also felt very quickly, as the lung begins to self-cleanse, which is why we throw a bit of sage or sage into the mix.

Next, secretions begin to be expelled, and at the same time, users should not worry if they mix tobacco with this clover, as the urine will begin to change color.

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