Ylli Merja: How to treat stomach problems with sesame oil

Sesame seeds are one of the most popular seeds for mankind and are widely used in the kitchen, as traditional medicines for their nutritional properties but also as a curative preventive. Sesame is an important source of phyto-nutrients, such as omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber with anti-cancer potential.

The sesame plant is an annual plant belonging to the Pedaliaceae family, which grows widely in Asia, especially in Burma, China and India. It also represents one of the commercial crops in Nigeria, Sudan and Ethiopia. The sesame plant requires sandy soil with sufficient moisture as well as a tropical environment to thrive. It grows tall and contains white, brown or black seeds, depending on the type being cultivated.

Sesame seeds are small in size, almost pressed in shape. Its properties offer value and pleasant taste. Also, sesame is one of the first plants whose oil was used. Sesame seeds and oil have irreplaceable qualities.

This plant is advisable to use in children’s food, as it helps them grow normally. But sesame seeds can be used anywhere, they are small, they are not annoying in taste or aroma and moreover, even if the child does not like them, they can be easily “hidden” in different foods. They can be used in hot and cold foods, they can be added to yogurt, dishes or fruit juices.


Sesame seeds and oil are a source of minerals and vitamins, as they contain phosphorus, calcium, linoleic fatty acid, linolenic fatty acid, vitamins B, E, T, and D, histamine as well as anti-inflammatory and soothing substances. All of these are very important for the body, especially in the summer, as they help protect against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Sesame affects the regeneration of skin cells, nourishes it and removes cells damaged by the sun. Sesame oil can be used as a beach oil, as it has a protective effect against the sun, at the same time it affects the non-formation of brown spots on the skin and gives it an even color that lasts a long time. It can be used as a base oil for about 90 other types of oils for their dilution in sesame oil. If used as a hair mask, it gives it shine, softness and strength.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil strengthens the body, helps you feel stronger, especially if you have low blood pressure and physical weakness. Oil and crushed sesame seeds should be consumed before meals, in this way they coat the inner lining of the stomach and strengthen its nervous system. It is recommended to use if you suffer from gastritis, heartburn, or ulcers.

Also, this oil stops vomiting and adjusts the pH of the stomach, therefore it removes its burning as well as detoxifies the body and eliminates toxins in the mouth and the entire digestive system, so it can also be used against bad breath. You can mix it with coconut oil to give it a more pleasant aroma. Meanwhile, sesame oil nourishes the skin, softens and hydrates it, at the same time it prevents wrinkles and helps in the regeneration of burns.

It is recommended to be used after the beach, mixed with coconut oil for sunburned skin as well as for its complete regeneration. Sesame oil also nourishes the scalp and stops hair loss, so it is recommended to add it to the shampoo, especially for people suffering from psoriasis or dermatitis.

Even people suffering from diabetes can consume this oil, as sesame lowers blood sugar. In experiments on mice it has been proven that it helps to increase the immune system and gives positive effects as yet undiscovered in multiple sclerosis. It also contains lipids that prevent arteriosclerosis and nourish the bone. Some other wonderful properties of sesame oil are: it helps to reduce the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, it helps to reduce high blood pressure, it is used against constipation, it prevents asthma as it contains magnesium and other diseases of the respiratory system.

Meanwhile, sesamol and sesamin found in the oil stop the death of mitochondria (the energy storehouse of human cells) in healthy cells in cancer patients. Thus it prevents cancer. Sesame oil contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, which affect the reduction of bone inflammation and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Contains about 80 percent of very healthy fatty acids for the body such as linoleic and linolenic acid. It is worth noting that
this oil also contains vitamin E and B complex, as well as protein and fiber, which help with bowel movements.

Methods of use

Sesame seeds can be consumed every morning, one tablespoon in a glass of yogurt, chia seeds and a little cinnamon can also be added. This is a dietary and very nutritious breakfast. If you do not like the smell of sesame oil or seeds, you can consume halve which is crushed sesame seeds and performs the same function as sesame seeds and oil.

Consume two tablespoons a day of halva to get rid of burns, stomach aches or bad breath. Sesame oil is used everywhere, in dishes in yogurt or even as it is. It is consumed 2 times a day by a spoonful of coffee before food, breakfast and dinner. For individuals who have bone problems, it is best to use sesame oil or seeds for about 45 days to two months. For those suffering from diabetes, it can be consumed only once a day. And individuals who have stomach problems can only use it for 45 days.

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