Ylli Merja in Report Tv: Beware! Do not ignore these signs on your feet, they can reveal many health problems

In an interview on the show “Rreze Dielli” on Report TV, the specialist in medicinal plants Ylli Merja showed more about what diseases leg pain warns of.

“There are many factors, but every sign of it that we are given, every symptom leads us to the source, the cause, if we analyze the elements well, the cure of the disease is done in a shorter time.

In all cases, stress should be eliminated, why are we not healing the sick legs since they do not have a short period of time, 1 or 2 months, the disease worsens little by little.

Initially, it gives signs, which are first the syndrome of tired legs, which alerts us to something, which means a lack of microelements such as a lack of magnesium, calcium, magnesium. The ball of the leg hurts more, and then her sole. Then we can feel constriction and in some cases our feet are ice cold,” he said.

To cure this case, he suggested the consumption of several types of teas:

That tea of lemon and orange skins, of wild apples can be used,” said the plant specialist.

But how should people act who, after massages and drinking herbal teas, have not had the desired improvement. According to him, they should follow this type of cure:

“If we see that the burning of the feet continues despite the massages we can do with extracts or oils, creams, it is good for you to put their feet in cold water. This disease has progressed, but how can we bring it to zero? We soak our feet in cold water for 10-15 minutes, a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of salt, it helps with blood circulation and we begin to anoint our feet with Helicrisium or mustard oil. fingertip to the bottom of the thigh,” he said.

According to him, different signs on the feet also indicate different diseases that can be in the body of every person:

Whereas if we feel fire with some piercings like needles, then we can see that a kidney disease gives this property. It doesn’t clean the blood well and the crystals have collected in the sole of the foot and give these piercings. If we have the syndrome of tired legs, there are people who stay in thick clothes even in August, the whole problem of these people is that the theoretical body does not work well. But there are some other signs, during the day you can take 10 steps, you get tired and you feel cold no matter what the temperature may be. This should check the thyroid’ explained the popular doctor Ylli Merja.

NOTE: Every patient has his own characteristics, so for every disease you always need to consult with the doctors. This article cannot be used to suggest a therapy.

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