Ylli Merja: People who suffer from these two problems should not go to the beach


Alternative doctor Ylli Merja says that people with excess iodine or hypertension should not visit the beach.

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In an interview for Euronews Albania, Merja said that health problems can be brought to these individuals at sea and it is recommended not to go, or if they visit,

to take precautions to avoid escalating their health condition.

“Those people who suffer from thyroids and have an excess of iodine, the sea makes them sick,

it adds to the arrhythmia in the heart, it adds to the problems, it gives them a suffocation in the part of the gills and so on.

This in itself has an excess of iodine, when he goes to the sea he gets it again and his heart arrhythmia increases, or he can go to the sea, but he has to drink 2-3 glasses of lycopsia a day.

Lycopsia is a medicinal plant that affects the body by removing excess iodine, flushes it out. People who have high blood pressure should not go to the beach either.

It is not good for these people to stay in the hot wave of the beach because you can inadvertently get into the water and these rapid and immediate changes cause constriction of the arteries and veins. This could endanger a heart block or so on,” said Merja./albeu.com/

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