Ylli Merja reveals the secret: This ingredient removes the headache in just a few minutes

Migraines are caused by a lack of normal blood circulation. corner in the brain, this is because the narrowing of the arteries and veins means that the brain is not normally supplied with blood and oxygen, and this gives a headache.

There are many reasons for migraine, but the real cause and its cure have not yet been proven.

Migraine is a hereditary disease and can be stimulated by lifestyle changes such as: change of air, water and diet.

Hormonal changes cause the onset of headaches, which is why a large number of individuals who suffer from migraines are women and teenagers.

Mustard oil and peppermint oil have calming effects and regulate blood flow to the brain.

The way of eating is also a very important part, since the healthier you eat, the less migraines occur. Also, sleep is very important, not only for the proper functioning of the brain, but for the whole organism.

When the headache starts, you should consume as much liquid as possible, especially teas are highly recommended, as they expand the blood vessels. box, and act as a natural brain tranquilizer.

A very effective tea for baldness is prepared as follows: in 2 liters of water boil for 2 minutes 1 spoon of peppermint, 1 spoon of bee grass, 1 spoon of basil, 1 spoon of rosemary, 1 spoon of bassan flower, 1 spoon of peppermint and 1 spoon of hawthorn flower or fruit.

Consume 3-4 cups of tea on days when you have a headache.

After that, you should consume 10-20 strands of saffron a day, as it contains powerful antioxidants, the group of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 that are brain nutrients, and pico crocin and crocinin that act as brain tranquilizers and remove free radicals. free in the body.

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