Ylli Merja: Two diseases of the thyroid gland that are treated with medicinal plants

The thyroid gland is located in the front of the gill, below the larynx and generally weighs between 15-22 grams. Its role in the organism is very important and it starts from the beginning of the embryo. So, if the thyroid is normal, the brain in the fetus also develops normally, as well as the teeth, hair, and organs.

This small gland has as its primary activity the production of two hormones, thyroxine and triiodothyroxine. The function of thyroxine is that during production by the thyroid, a part goes to accumulate in the liver and the other part commands the pituitary gland, so that when the level of TSH in the blood falls, its production is stimulated.

While triiodothyroxine controls the physiological activity of the organism, it is an iodine, which participates in the production of enzymes and stimulates them to work, when it is in normal parameters. There are cases when this iodine is not within the normal limits and as a result the organism begins to “limp”.

Two thyroid diseases

We are mentioning the first two pathological diseases that show that the thyroid gland is not functioning normally. The lack of thyroid hormone is one of the first signs, which is known as hypothyroidism and is accompanied by body twitching, desire to sleep, dry skin, hair loss (if seen in the analysis, the root of the hair is wrinkled, torn). .

In addition, hypothyroidism is also associated with a decrease in heart rate and signs of nervousness that appear without cause, often, but last for a while. In cases where the individual has these clinical signs, the best solution is to make a visit to the doctor, perform a thyroid echo and perform an analysis to see the level of iodine in the blood.

Risky categories

The thyroid processes the iodine that the body receives through water or various food products. In both forms of iodine intake, this processing takes place and the enzymes begin to be stimulated. The ages most affected by thyroid gland disorders are those over 50 years old, while it is worth noting that women are 4 times more at risk than men.

This is as she begins to enter the menopause period and there is a general decline in her endocrine glands, such as the state of the thyroid. While in the case of hyperthyroidism, when these thyroids are more stimulated, the opposite of the first signs will be distinguished, as the individual speaks quickly, is very active, unrestrained.

Even in these cases, the patient must have a thyroid examination. People really don’t think that this tiny, miniature thyroid disorder has such big consequences. Sufferers may perform all sorts of other tests, but the real cause lies elsewhere.

Treatment with medicinal plants

Depending on the stage of the disease, we use efficient, stimulating plants to restore its normal functioning. If we refer to mountainous areas (the lack of iodine in the body is typical) then we will recall the nut. The latter has iodine, especially when it is in the first stages of growth, the percentage of iodine goes up to 60% of the fruit and 30% of vitamin C.

As the fruit enlarges, the percentage of iodine decreases and the percentage of vitamin C increases. If we harvest some of the walnut kernels, pierce them and preserve them in honey, after consuming them we will notice the wonderful effects in regulating the function of the gland. thyroid. You can use half a grain a week, after you have left it in honey for 30 days, and this is more than enough to provide the body with the amount of iodine it lacks.

Meanwhile, walnut patties are rich in iodine and tannins and affect the nervous system, but also help absorb iodine from the body. If we consume 2 teaspoons of coconut oil a day, then the proper functioning of the thyroid will be regulated, but it will also prevent hair loss. Even lycopse is wonderful for all those people who have an excess of iodine in the blood, as it is the only plant that guarantees the removal of excess iodine from the body, calms the nervous system and balances the stimulation of the glands for the production of thyroid hormones.

Meanwhile, donkey’s thorn regulates and improves the function of the liver, which affects the calming of the glands with internal secretion. But green tea and wild almonds also have quick effects in improving the health of people suffering from thyroid.

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